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Pepper For Girls 

We are currently selling organic Kambot Peppers, known as one of the top global peppers to support both the local Cambodian farmers and raise funds to help girls and women who struggle due to Period Poverty. The delicate and delicious flavor of the peppers can enhance the flavors of your dish. 100% of the profits created from the selling of peppers are used to help to enhance the following properties


  • Educational booklets about period poverty to provide both genders with education about safe menstrual hygiene management

  • Thicker sanitary napkins for girls

  • Help fund a period friendly school latrine in Cambodia and Nepal (which includes dispenses in the independent compartments and a hand washing facility)


Your kind support by buying our peppers in the link below can be the first step in changing

the life of a girl struggling due to period poverty 💗

Our Shop Link:


Black Kampot Pepper

It delivers a strong and delicate aroma. Its taste, which can range from intensely spicy to mildly sweet, reveals hints of flower, eucalyptus, and mint. It suits all kinds of dishes and distinguishes itself in particular with grilled fish.

Organic Kampot Peppers 

Red Kampot Pepper

It delivers a powerful and fruity aroma which allows for the wildest combinations, from wild meat seasoning to vanilla desserts, chocolate, and salads.


White Kampot Pepper

It is extremely rare due to the difficulty in harvesting fully mature pepper. It develops an intense bouquet and delicate aroma. Its strong spicy taste carries notes of fresh grass and lime.

2 in 1 Stainless Steel Pepper Grinder

We are also selling a 2 in 1 pepper grinder that you can use to fill any 2 types of Kampot peppers from our shop. You can put two different kinds of whole pepper in this 2-in-1 grinder. 


Our Packaging

During special holidays or seasons, we package our peppers with a slight fun twist: themed packaging.

In addition to our original normal packaging (reference picture below), we include a seasonal greeting card in all orders during special holiday occasions. Below, we have included a few reference photos.

Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 6.20.35 PM.png
Screen Shot 2021-07-12 at 6.20.47 PM.png

Original Packaging

Chinese New Year Season Packaging

For Companies / Larger Orders:

If you are ordering more than 10 packs of peppers, please let us know in an email to if you would like us to include a custom personal message in your card! ✉️

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